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ISBN 978-1-77636-116-8

This book was not initiated with an idea to write, but rather, it sprang from an expectancy and a desire, grown over the past 30 years, that Africa would mature into the pure destiny of its Creator: for the African people to become a Light in a dark world.

The book has slowly grown in my heart - from years of visiting many African countries, meeting many of God's people and the reality of being exposed to the many needs in North, East, Central and Southern Africa (I'm still looking forward to being exposed to what God is doing in West Africa).

Every statistic and index in the world states that Sub-Saharan Africa (or the people beyond the rivers of Ethiopia) are in difficulty/trouble/danger etc. Yes, and we cannot reason with the statistics, only with the instruments that are being used. I hope that this book will share a glimpse into things that cannot be measured by indices, or are rarely heard of in the mass media.

Africa is a simple place, with so much beauty reflected in that simplicity.

So then, how does one measure Hope in Africa? It is when you have seen:

On the indices and statistics of the kingdom of God, this is a high score all the way... we are 'developed and rich' people! The weak shall be strong! The poor in spirit will see God. Maybe we might just be surprised by God in the years to come....

I have a desire that this book will communicate Hope and Destiny to us all. I'm not turning my eyes blindly from the many wrongs and evil on our continent; I just choose to look at Africa from Christ's life-giving perspective. Not where we are now only, but also at the amazing transformation that has already happened over the last 150 years. Oh, what we can become if I believe, and you believe, for the Holy Spirit to visit Africa once again!

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